GGut Live Babylon İstanbul by Muhsin Akgün
GGut Live Babylon İstanbul by Muhsin Akgün

Gut has been one of the prominent figures of Berlin’s underground music scene since the 80’s; among the founding members of Malaria!, Einstürzende Neubauten, Mania D. and Matador; was the host and co-producer of the radio show “Oceanclub” (with Thomas Fehlmann) between 1997-2012; is the founder of labels Moabit Musik and Monika Enterprise supporting unconventional projects; is a DJ, curator and producer in the electronic music field. Also a comrade at female:pressure.

In her first visit to Istanbul, Gut presented the music and visuals from her first solo album “I Put A Record On” (2007), elegantly putting together an unexpected range of musical influences with smoky vocals; “full of impressionistic tone poems about the strange ways that desire, dreams, and memories work”.

Poster design by: Ayşe Tabak Yağmurcu

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