7th Visibility Project – Performing Arts Festival
, 2011

pitch black, stiff beard….  footprints hided by the tail.. 

A surreal ‘night walk’, nodding to 70’s thriller movies’ seductive aesthetic (by directors like Dario Argento and Brian De Palma), while attempting to confront and surmount the genre’s misogynistic tendencies
rooted in its clichés; buried in the archetypes.
The performance brings together the stage and the silver screen on the same platform, integrating live acting, live storytelling, recorded music and projected movie.

The seventh GalataPerform ‘Visibility Project’ will run Oct. 22 and 23 with the motto ‘Get Out of the Stage!’ The event will bring together artists from seven disciplines to Galata and its vicinity
– Hürriyet Daily News | 10/18/2011

Script & Visual Concept: Yeşim Tabak
Director: Yeşim Tabak & Zeynep Aksoy
Producer: AOW productions. & GalataPerform
Cast: Gökçe Yiğitel (Woman in trench coat) & Ersöz Ata (Pitch-black man)
Storytellers: Zeynep Aksoy & Yeşim Tabak
Performance video: Yeşim Tabak
Additional shooting: Meryem Yavuz
Editing of the performance video & sound: Ayşe Tabak Yağmurcu
Costumes: Zeynep Tabak
Video recording of the live performance: Kaan Karacehennem
Trailer: Ayşe Tabak Yağmurcu

‘1, 2, 3’ (Candaş Şişman), ‘Tribute to Komeda’ (Control Voltage Project), ‘Theremin’ (Taner Yücel), ‘At the dock’ (Yeşim Tabak)
‘Borrowed’ tracks: ‘Biomutanten’ (Holger Czukay & Conny Plank), ‘Jesus met the woman at the wel’ (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), ‘I feel pretty’ (Leonard Bernstein)