A film week about celebrating the ways we get inspired by movies; fetishising them; and finally about the desire to transform what has remained with us into performances. / A street carnival (with the following program), focusing on the relation of cinema with other disciplines and the audience.

More than watching films, Tomtom Cinema Carnival is based on the process developed in its aftermath: sharing a culture of moving images with all its aspects, utilizing its memories as ‘words and sentences’ of a language.
Fusing the thinking process in a sensual approach and fun-based attitude, program is shaped by its venues, none of them being a movie theatre: a night club, a jazz bar, a performance hall, a lounge, streets and empty space of a ruined building.

News Releases


Paul Leger Show
Opening act of the carnival. Reinterpretations of movie scenes through live stage performances.

Count’s Garden: Giovanni Scognamillo Exhibition
Placed in a night club, the exhibition captures the fantasy world of the legendary Istanbulite Levantine; vampireologist, sci-fi writer, film historian Giovanni Scognamillo (1929-2016): His naive creature paintings which have never been shown before; the books he wrote; his collection of action figures; his personal stuff like his cloak and typewriter; an installation paying homage to his favourite movies; a romantic horror video shot collectively (with the collaboration of Prof. Dr. Selim Eyüboğlu, Osman Bayraktaroğlu and AOW productions.) for the carnival, in which he plays with poet Lale Müldür,
writer Aylin Ünal, assistant  Nalan Söylemez and Diana Arevshadyan.

Control Voltage ‘Komeda’ Project
A tribute to Polish jazz legend Krzysztof Komeda’s soundtracks in Roman Polanski movies.

Thriller Booth
Inspired by ‘Nickelodeons’, a two-some film booth placed in the street, in which the same horror video is screened all day long: A collage made of ‘slashing’ / gory moments from the history of horror cinema, selected by film critic Engin Ertan and edited by Çiçek Kahraman. Thanks: Betül Afacan

Legowelt: Assault on Disco 13
Legowelt’s live performance dedicated to his personal sources of inspiration from the history of cinema.

Cult Movies Marathon
8 hours, 6 movies, tea, coffee and beer… Film critic & programmer Engin Ertan’s selection of movies, digging out the hidden treausures and true garbages of cinema: “Captain Celluloid vs. the Film Pirates”, “Angustia”, “Dark Side of the Rainbow”, “Lik Wong”, “Troll 2”, “Best Worst Movie”.

Sevim Suna Wall
Reproduction of the posters and remaking of the wall in the final scene of the classic Turkish movie / feminist social satire “Adı Vasfiye” (1985), where the night club singer Sevim Suna’s (Müjde Ar) posters on the wall in a street cover the whole screen.

Open-air Movie Theatre
Free screenings of double feature films with themes as followed: ‘Kung Fu Classics’; ‘Roman Polanski Night’; ‘Yeşilçam Melodramas’; ‘Haunting Stories from the 90’s Turkish Art-House’;  ‘Masterpieces with Stolen Ideas’; ‘Cary Grant Night’

Breakfast at Tomtom
The closing event of the carnival at the Tomtom Street… An ‘at the dawn’ screening of the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and breakfast service in line with the movie’s cult opening scene, namely Holly Golightly’s (Audrey Hepburn) hang-over menu: black coffee & croissant.

DJ Performances
Double Whammy: Disko Detone (İ. Can Koç) & Kinoyxo (Nagehan Uskan) DJ set + screening of 100 years old silent porn films / Dr. Moog: Children of the Night_A Tribute to Giovanni Scognamillo (soundtracks & excerpts from B-movies, gothic and horror classics) / Monsieur M (from Athens & Sao Paulo): Tramonto di Tomtom / B-BOT & Disc Jockey Ari

Production crew of the Tomtom Cinema Carnival (and thanks to):
Ayşe Tabak Yağmurcu, Zeynep Tabak, Osman Bayraktaroğlu, İlhan Sayın, Zeynep Aksoy, Nurdan Özçin

Giovanni Scognamillo, Alper Maral, Mert Topel, Garajistanbul, Mahir Yıldız, Semerkant Kitabevi,
Nalan Söylemez, Nazım Hikmet Richard Dikbaş, Can Koç, Nagehan Uskan, Engin Ertan,
Çiçek Kahraman, Betül Afacan, Üveys Akıncı, Lobna Allamii